Sunday, November 18, 2007

Special Sunday with the Kids!

After my Little One's birthday bash, his cousins spent the night here in our home. The house was a mess but it was great. All the kids were running around like crazy. They munched the mango torte cake, a birthday present from Bobby. I didn't mind at all. Before going to sleep, they watched "Quija", a Filipino-horror movie. Eventually while watching, they all fall asleep except from Pin-pin who stayed at my computer, doodling with it.

our house became a refugee camp.... hehe!

Would you believe as early as 6.30 in the morning the kids were all awake. I went to bed at around 4.30 am. I guess, it's okay. This will only happen once in a blue moon that the kids are all here. We had pandesal, sunny side up egg and coffee for breakfast. After that, they just watched, teased around. Tita Andeng became the victim, she was swung back and forth like a piggy... hahaha! just look at the picture!

swing... swing... piggy Andeng!

I prepared lunch before going to SM-Mall of Asia as planned. We had my "Fiesta Caldereta" and "Bacon Fusilli Carbonara". It will be posted after this entry. Also, this is some kind of advance birthday celebration for my hubby's birthday this coming November 30.

While I was cooking the kids were taking a bath one by one.... It took me an hour and a half to finish. By that time, they were all dressed up. We only have one bathroom... imagine that?! A dozen kids, my hubby and I.... whoaaahhhh! Now, I know the feeling of a big family! (",)

how old are you?!!

My hubby with the kids

chicha time!!!

We went to MOA at around 1 pm, when we got there. We went to Ocean View, we went out, on the side of Manila Bay. Yeap! at the scorching heat of the sun! Then, we went to Tom's World, the kids played. I even went ga-ga over 1-peso play machine, don't know its name. It's the machine that you drop 1-peso, then, it will push the bunch of 1- peso that had been dropped there. Then, if it drops. You get Tom's World tickets or prize items. I spent over 300 pesos but I'm glad to say, I got a lot of Tom's World tickets, plus 50 points and a swatch wristwatch.... not bad!!!

going to SM-Mall of Asia (GJ, Pin-pin and Kulit)

taking a rest....

@ Tom's World

Sad to say, the kids decided to go home at around 4 pm. If they didn't, they will get to Bulacan late already, travel time is 2-3 hours. My hubby bought the kids pizzas for their baon in the bus. Kulit wasn't in the mood to even say goodbye to his cousins... he was so tired and thirsty. Tita Andeng made sure the kids got to the bus terminal, GJ accompanied her.

My Little One with Frosty, the Snowman

Indeed, a very special Sunday with the kids!

click here for the ocean view picture....

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