Saturday, November 10, 2007

Del Monte Chicken Mixes

From my experience, cooking in the kitchen usually takes time and patience. As they always say, it needs labor of love. Though, it's tiring and hot, i love it and it's the time I can express myself truly. But there are days you just like to pop a can or something and eat. This is one of these days, being sick for several days. I'm down with the seasonal cold. I tried Jarod's recommendation of this product. He's my 6-yr-old nephew who has a big appetite. A few days back, we talked over the phone and just told me that this product was good and delicious (Maman, sarap ang chicken mixes!). He's right even his cousin Diko, my kid also liked it! who wouldn't?! I liked it too! Another thing, it's easy to make because it's complete, from the marinade to the breading up to the gravy. It's also cheap for the price only of php 35.25 plus the price of a half kilo chicken, that's around 60 pesos, with a total of less than 100 pesos. You can serve your family with a decent meal in a hurry without compromising the good taste.

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