Sunday, November 04, 2007

Doing the grocery.... my quiet time!

Though, it's a chore I need to do for two to three times a month, for me it's therapeutic. I do find comfort and relaxing feeling while doing the grocery, kinda weird... right? Well, I love it! Just thinking all the recipes I can make out of the canned, processed, frozen and fresh foods in display. If not for the monthly budget alloted for the groceries and the accessibility of the supermarket, I would love to go there everyday and put everything I see in my pushcart.

Here in our village, we have a nearby small wet market (talipapa), I can go there everyday and buy fresh meat and vegetables. They also have some canned goods and stuff for your kitchen and daily needs, it's a talipapa and sari-sari store in one.

Doing the grocery is also my quiet time with myself, a break from my kid who's a blabber-mouth lately. He's so talkative, oftentimes irritating. Kids nowadays can really make you crazy. According to my sister-in-law who has a kid of her own, "It must be the milk!". I think she's right, doesn't she?

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