Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kulit's 8th Birthday..... A Surprise Party!!!

Two days before my Little One's 8th bday, my hubby and I, decided to have it at Mc Donald's Las Pinas rather the first planned pajama party in our home with his cousins and looban kids only. We also decided not to tell Kulit about the change of plan. It was a hectic two days of preparing his give-aways and inviting his friends without him knowing while juggling his Kumon and Skating schedule. Every friday, we're at the rink for his skating lessons and practice. I'll just let the pictures tell you how the party went.... I'm glad to say my kiddo was really surprise and happy (",)

the birthday boy!

Kulit's birthday presents

On the day of my Little One's special day, he was so excited about the pajama party! He even wrote on a piece of paper to remind me the details for the party... like the food, balloons, invited guests and specially the games. I just nodded and told him, "don't worry, it's under control!". He didn't had any ideas the plans for his birthday had changed. The surprise birthday party was scheduled at 7 pm. I made his invited guests to come in blue-colored clothes and to be there at 6.30 pm. Well, I needed them for the big shout... to say "SURPRISE!!!" before the party begins. Kulit was so overwhelmed that he wasn't able to say anything, he just smiled and waved his right hand like a beauty queen (nag-feeling ta-ar-tits!!! hehehe). Then, he ran to Ate Kaye and hugged her!

Kulit with Mc Donald's Hamburglar and Ronald Mc Donald mascots.

Kulit & his silly cousins!!!

Addams Family

party people!

more photos here....

The party was great. Everybody had fun, specially the kids. It was worth all the white lies I told my kid... well, if I didn't. I wouldn't be able to push through with the surprise party!

Thanks for all the re-pa-pips who came for my kiddo's 8th birthday!!! You really made my kid happy!


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