Monday, November 12, 2007

Kulit's 3rd baby tooth

Last night, after almost a year, my Little One lost his 3rd baby tooth (upper left tooth). Yeap, that long!!! We were laughing so hard because he said to us, "pano yan, pano ko ngingiti? may class picture pa nman kami bukas?! i-joke na naman ako ng mga klasmeyts ko!" (we'll have our class picture taking tomorrow, how will I smile ? My classmates will make fun of me again!). I was wondering a kid with his age can become so vain about how he looks? Kids really nowadays are different, their self-expression can make you go nuts! I just assured my kid that everybody, even me, went through losing a tooth or teeth for that matter, that eventually we'll have permanent ones and we should take care of them properly. So that, we can smile always (",)

another photo...

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