Friday, December 14, 2007

Siling Labuyo (Hot Chili Pepper)

The usual Friday morning, as I have cleaned the living & dining area of our home. I went out to the backyard to do some sweeping too. I noticed my chili plants are proud to greet me with their bountiful fruits, nice to look at, isn't it? I have two varieties, the "Siling Labuyo and "Siling Pang-sinigang".

I'm featuring now the hot chili pepper. I'm quite a fan of these cuties, not so much into super spicy foods but I do appreciate it (ika nga, medyo maanghang lang, hehe!). I usually use this with fish sauce (patis), for my dip. I just cut it into two, not mash it, just to render some spicyness to the dip but not so much. I'm thinking, I'll cook "Paksiw Na Bangus" later, so I can use these freshly picked chilis from our backyard for my dip. Also, I'm craving for garlic fried rice... yum! yum! (",)

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