Friday, December 28, 2007

Ihaw-ihaw Sa Kanto (Grilled Foodies In The Corner)

Pinoy-style street food: The guy in the picture is selling different kinds of grilled foods, from chicken leg & breast barbecue up to the chicken internal organs, like the chicken heart, small intestines, kidney, liver & gizzard. As well as pork. After grilling, they are brush with banana catsup and oil, then, dip in a specially made vinegar with chopped onions, chilis, sugar, salt and black pepper.

"Inihaw Na Puso Ng Manok" (Chicken Heart Barbeque)

I bet you, they are good and delicious. As you may know, we eat this stuff sometimes, though they say it is not clean because of how they are prepared and handled. Also, they are bad for your cholesterol and uric acid (",)

Before hitting home, after my kiddo's skating lesson and practice at the rink. We bought our dear Luigi some chicken heart barbecue and chicken intestines for our pasalubong for him.


idealpinkrose said...

waaaahhhh...ang sarap...kinakain ko rin ang puso, atay, bituka, miss ko ang bbq sa pinas...

Pretty Life Online said...

miss ko na ang bbq!!!!! girl, PhotoHunter na din you!!!! mine is up... Happy New Year!