Friday, December 07, 2007

Icarus Sala Set from Blims Furnitures

While waiting for Kulit's skating lesson to finish, Kuya Awe, my hubby and I, went for a walk around the mall. We passed by Blims Funitures. He immediately liked the style and design of the Icarus Sala Set (my hubby is picky when it comes to sala sets, that's why up until now we're still stuck to our old one, which by the way, was passed to me from my mom), it's on sale for only 11,625 pesos. It's a good buy if you consider buying it, the design looks sturdy and strong plus the stitches on the fabric used to cover the set is very well-defined and clean. The color combination of cream to light brown compliments our house interior. Though, my hubby really likes it. We're still thinking if we're going to buy it or not, maybe next year if the budget allows c",)

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