Friday, December 14, 2007

Poor Izzie!

It hasn't been raining for over a week now. The weather is great, no rain but it's cold. The "lungaw" in our backyard has almost no water in it. My hubby transfered Izzie for the meantime in the fish bowl we bought for her. Izzie is a gold fish, who lives in my Mom's famous "lungaw" in our backyard. The fish bowl would be her temporary habitat while we are waiting to rain again. Also, Izzie needed protection from the stray cats that visits our backyard. The cats were trying to scoop her out of the water, when it's too shallow. Poor Izzie! For now, she is safe in her fish bowl, inside our home. Maybe some of you are wondering why not keep her in the fish bowl? We love Izzie, though an ornamental fish, we wouldn't deprive her of huge space to swim around plus all the tadpoles and algae she can eat. Still, natural habitat is the best for any kind of animals.

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