Friday, December 07, 2007

Meatballs Molo Soup, Roast Chicken Sandwich & Brownie Ala Mode

"Meatballs Molo Soup from Jollibee"

"Kenny's Roasted Chicken Sandwich"

"Brownie Ala Mode from Roasters"

Right after my kiddo's skating lesson today, he was hungry. He wanted to eat Jolly Hotdog from Jollibee, so we went. But I didn't want a hotdog sandwich. I told my hubby to just take-out the food and we'll eat somewhere else. First, I decided to go to Taco Bell but I changed my mind. Then, I asked my hubby to buy me "Meatballs Molo Soup". It's really good, it warms your tummy just before eating the main meal for the cheap price of 25 pesos only. Finally, I decided to go to Kenny Rogers Roasters. I had this sudden urge to try their new product line, their sandwiches. I picked the "Roast Chicken Sandwich". I was really disappointed, the chicken chunks are not roasted as I expect them to be, it was more like boiled chicken chunks or I may say leftover fried chicken cut into chunks. I didn't even tasted the mayonnaise dressing, too dry. Though, the cucumber, tomato and lettuce are crunchy fresh. Also, I tried their "Brownie Ala Mode". It's okay nothing to rave about but the serving is quite huge. For that reason, I wasn't able to finish it. I just had the vanilla ice cream on top. My hubby ate the cherry. I had the brownie packed and gave it to Luigi as our pasalubong. Our doggie loved it! He's such a chocolate lover c",)

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♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i found their roast chicken sandwich a bit dry though.. the first time i tried it, it was was yummy e! i like the fries!