Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yen's QOTW #23

1. List your 2 fave site or blog/s and link us up! Tell us why!
ISL family, this is where I get updated with my closest friends, almost my family and Pinoy Food, a food blog.

2. List two bad habits that you have. Now tell me which one you would be willing to give up first.
Eating too much rice and sleeping afterwards. Need to give up the first one. Gradually, I'm doing it for health reasons.

3. What spice or seasoning is your favorite? Which one can you add to anything and make it taste better?
Black pepper.

4. What is your birthstone? Do you like it? Or you want to change it?
Peridot is my birthstone. I love it specially its color!

5. Do you know what’s your name means? What?
Yup, my name means bright and graceful.

6. What color polish do you most often wear? Or do you wear one?
I don't wear one.

7. Think about this for a second - When you fasten your pants do you button first of zip first?
You got me thinking there... zip first, then, button up!

8. Which do you prefer, someone snoring right next to you on a plane or a baby crying right next to you on a plane too?
The latter one. Baby's sound is more bearable than someone snoring!

9. Which would you prefer, made to eat bugs or drink sour milk? Why?
I'd prefer to drink sour milk!

10. Which is worse, your roommate eating all the food or wearing your clothes?
wearing my clothes!

Have fun!!! Join here.

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Chikai said...

i agree on the snoring Q. we have the same answers on 7 to 10. ;)

mine's up HERE!