Monday, July 28, 2008

No Water!

It's been a week since we got no water. The pipes before our water meter is broken. That's why it's only us who do not have water supply in our neighborhood. I've reported it to the authority which is Maynilad Water Services but still no repair have been made. Hay.... Well, to be fair, after 3 days of my complaint. Someone from Maynilad came to see what's wrong. Guess what? They just look at it, never told the husband when will they come back to fix it and left. Until now, we still have no water. Fortunately a few houses from us. They sell water for php2.50 per container. For now, it will do but imagine the hassle! I'm so pissed off! Grrr! Looking at the brighter side, the husband and Li'lOne have a bonding time together. They are the ones who are fetching water, hehe! At least, my kiddo experienced the hardship of no water supply from the faucet directly. Sometimes, or i may say, oftentimes, experience is the best teacher. It taught my kid to value and appreciate and never waste water!

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