Wednesday, July 02, 2008

La.Pi.S #3 - Grilled

I've been invited by Spices to join this meme. Thanks girl! I'm sure, I'll have fun doing this and have the chance to show my food photos. Here's my share for this week's theme: Grilled. Taken about year ago in our backyard. The husband was grilling pork barbeque for our lunch. Hhmmm... just got me thinking, I'l marinate pork later today and let the husband do the grilling again tomorrow. Suddenly, I miss grilled foods. hehehe! (",)


JMom said...

droolicious! :) I think I just figured out what to marinade for the 4th! ~JMom

spiCes said...

oh another yummy entry! haven't had lunch and my rounds is making me ache for BBQ, right now! thanks so much for the quick response!see you again!