Sunday, July 27, 2008

La.Pi.S #7 - Soup

Jollibee's La Paz Batchoy Soup & Tuna Pie

We were supposed to eat at Hap Chan Chinese Restaurant after Kulit's ballet lesson. The husband was craving for Chinese food, while, I wanted something hot. But unfortunately, the resto was closed due to air-conditioning trouble. The weather today was cold and windy that's why i wanted to have something to warm my tummy. We ended up at Jollibee, it's the only food store that's near the dance studio that serves hot soups. The photo above was my snack. The husband had the Junior Champ a.k.a TLC value meal and the Lil'One had chicken and rice. By the way, the La Paz Batchoy, which was a new product, was great for the cheap price of 28 Philippine pesos only. And of course, the Tuna pie was great too! One of my favorites at Jollibee, never fails to satisfy my palate (",)


spiCes said...

these are quite new to me...soup and tuna pie at Jollibee. i'm sure they taste swell! and inexpensive, i agree! have a great week ahead!

C.A. aka "t'que" said...

yup they're great spices and also thanx for the visit :)

Cielo said...

I luv the very cheesy tuna, kaya lang in some branches (i.e. edsa central) it takes 8 minutes prep time, tagal