Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yen's QOTW #21

1. Which do you dislike the most, pop-up ads all over your screen or spam e-mails?
I don't like both.

2. When your plate has different foods on it do you usually mix all the foods
together, keep them all separate, or do you combine only certain foods?

3. Have you ever snooped in your significant others things? How does it feel?
Nah. It sounds silly.

4. Describe your morning ritual to me.
I wake up at 7am. Take a pee. Wash my face. Gurgle. Check my blood sugar. a shot of insulin. Have a light breakfast. Do some household chores. Sometimes blog like today :) Cook breakfast for my two boys. Prepare my kiddo for school. Bath time. Eat brunch. Accompany my child to school.

5. You run in to a friend while out shopping. Where are you?
Grocery or Kitchenwares of SM.

6. Would you rather miss the beginning or the end of a movie? If you had to?
end of a movie.

7. Which is worse? Being in a place that is too loud or too quiet?
too loud!

8. Which is worse? Being under age or being over the hill?
I think, over the hll.

9. What kind of perfume do you wear?
GAP simply white

10. Would you rather change your past or know your future?
Neither. I would'nt change my past or attempt to know my future. I love life can offer me right now, may it be bad or good. I know I will learn from it and for that, it will make me a stronger and wiser person. Makes me appreciate everything in life!


Familia Khuletz said...

Hello! You have diabetes? My aunt has it, too. Ouch yung glucometer noh? Once a while I do check my blood sugar, too!

My QOTW is posted in this blog:

Le Kulitszie Familie

Hope you could drop by if you have the time. Thanks!

jennyr said...

i can't help but to drool over those cakes on the top entry!hehehe! #3 i guess i'm silly!hehehe! mine's up at this link!