Friday, June 20, 2008


For this year, I am the one who will be accompanying my kiddo to school and fetching him from it, sometimes the husband, if he wanted to or if I need to be somewhere else. Unlike before, he had a school service. This time, I had a hard time finding a school service for him, in which, he will be picked up here in our house, 30 minutes prior his school time starts. When he was in grades 1 & 2, he was in morning class. But for now, he wanted to try and experience the afternoon class. I let him be. That's when I encountered the problem with his school service schedule. But the good thing about it, his school is near and only within the next subdivision to ours. I get to walk going there for about 35-40 minutes... good thing for me! I get to exercise daily. And also, I can do some errands outside the house in between. So, I decided, I'll be the one doing it!

For now, I need to go. I'll be paying some utility bills before I pick my little man in school (",)

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