Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Is Noodle Day For My Lil'One

Today, is Lucky Me's Instant Pancit Canton Day or Noodle Day! That is, every Friday! That's the deal I had with my Lil'One. He is only allowed to eat instant nooodles once a week. He loves it so much, particularly instant pancit canton and goes ga-ga over it! I know, it is unhealthy because of the high level content of sodium and mono-sodium glutamate (MSG). That is why, it is only taken once a week. And also, a little reward for him after being a good kid in school.

After we got home from school, I immediately went to the kitchen, washed my hands and cooked 2 packs of instant pancit canton for his merienda. As he was putting his school bag in its proper place, changing his clothes and putting his school lunch box to the sink. You can see the eyes of my kiddo twinkling with glee! That's how much he loves noodles specially this one! The commercial of this product is true.... anti-sumpong.... anti-lowbat (",)

In the photo, my Lil'One is showing off his favorite Pancit'on (that's what he calls it!), in his two favorite flavors, "Kalamansi" (green package) and the "Sweet-Spicy" (orange package).

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