Sunday, June 22, 2008

Storm Frank

Our flooded street.

Since yesterday, it was gloomy because of the heavy rains storm Frank been giving us. When I got up this morning. I saw our street been flooded with rain water, until now as I'm typing this (buti na lang sa labas lang ng bahay hindi sa loob!). Even our backyard been like that too. Plus the fact, that as early as 4 am this morning the electricity died on us. Fortunately, after several hours it came back, at around 1 pm. A great relief for me! I thought it will be gone again for a long time. Like what happened when storm Milenyo hits Manila two years ago. We did not had electricity, for 7 straight days! What a week of discomfort!.... and a very traumatic experience!

According to the husband, who's always updated about the current news. The weather here in Manila will be like this for several days, about a week. Nyaaayy! The good thing about storm Frank is, it's not humid and hot anymore. But I bet, after several days of rain water in flooded areas, lots of mosquitoes will be lurking around again! tsk, tsk, tsk!

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