Saturday, September 08, 2007

Torres Clan: Lolo Torres Funeral & An Instant Family Reunion

Earlier, we went to Bulacan to attend the funeral of "Lolo Torres", my father-in-law. After that, we spent the rest of the day in Tong-tong's newly built house. It's beautiful and has a very large backyard. All the kids had a great time. They played poker, pingpong and did other stuff, like making fun of each other.... teasing around. Dinner time was spent in "malaking bahay". It's a family reunion, an instant one! .... sobrang saya!

Addams family with Tito Danny

Lola Gonyang and my kiddo.

Kuya Ogene and his baby cousin, Hannah.

Lolo Torres funeral

Kulit and Kuya Yokyok at the cemetery.

Lolo Torres

kambal di ba?!

my hubby with her favorite niece, Idel.

grabe, sarap talaga ng kropek!!!

ang mga pasaway! hehe.

mga pa-cute sa cam!

D' hung-hunks!!!

Moy, Leo, Tito Danny and Tong-tong.

Poker Time!

Ping-pong Time!

Kulit and Kuya Mac.... playing chess..... este, dama pala!

Torres Clan

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