Thursday, March 08, 2007

Merienda at Chowking

We went to my son's pediatrician for his vaccine shot. After that, my kiddo asked if we can go to Chowking and have our snack there. He wanted to eat "Mantao" and "Halo-halo", which also I would like to try. In their advertisement, They claim its much delicious and creamier now. Though, we're regular customers of Chowking, I was disappointed by their halo-halo, it's much still the same, too much sugar and the taste of the ingredients don't blend well together. They just changed the melon ice cream topping to cheese ice cream, so that when it melts it would render a much creamier halo-halo. Sad to say, I felt like I was cheated. But no worries this is the only produst, as of now, I don't like in this resto. I still love their "Breakfast Meals". I ordered "Pork Siomai" and my hubby had their "Special Siopao Asado".

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