Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Davao City, Philippines

This trip was our very first family vacation. Tita Tin-tin came along with us also (ang asungot)!! We visited my brothers and their families in Davao. Now, my mother is living with them (bakasyon grande si general!!!). They were surprised, I didn't informed them we were coming... hehe! (",) We also visited our house in Davao (mala-jungle din tulad ng bahay dito - Nayon Base 2 nga eh!!!).

Addams Family at Davao International Airport

Lola, Maman, Jarod, Ogene and Tin-tin (Clark's House)

Clark playing with the kids (Susana Homes 3, Davao City)

Lola with Ate Jen, Leo and Butchay

Jarod posing in our backyard.

Our backyard in Davao - Nayon Base 2

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