Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli

We went to Makati earlier today, did some errands and bought some clothes in Landmark. After that, we went to Glorietta. I haven't been there for awhile now. We just roamed around. I saw a stall of Eng Bee Tin. My hubby and I, we both love hopia. We bought each pack of "hopia baboy" and "hopia monggo". I just wanted to satisfy my cravings... trying to watch my diet lately because my blood sugar is still high. Hopia is one of my comfort foods and seeing the name Eng Bee Tin .... it reminds me of my daddy, the memories of walking around Ongpin (I know that's where their main branch is) scouting for food to buy for our pasalubong (",)

I bought a pack of tikoy roll ... just curious! I still haven't tried it. It's inside my freezer, maybe one of these days, we'll try to eat it for our merienda!

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