Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

This is the very first movie team up of the two famous martial arts icons, Jet Li and Jackie Chan, both our my favorites. We, my hubby and I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to watch them on the big screen, of course, together with our movie buff son, like us! It was full of action, great moves and funny like the other movies of Jackie Chan. As for for Jet Li, he's funny too but with a mysterious side as always. In the movie, Jackie Chan plays a drunken master while Jet Li is a monk warrior. The story is about an American teenager who loves to watch Kung Fu movies and came across with a magical charmed staff. He travels back in time in which he needs to use the staff to free the Monkey King who was turned to stone. Jet Li and Jackie Chan were the travel tour guide of the "Seeker Of The Prophecy" which is the American teenager. Once in a lifetime movie to see, you should watch it. Highly recomended!

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Heidi said...

my hubby wants to see this nga e... sana mapanood namin sya (super di nagja-jive ang sked namin e) I like Jackie Chan's movies pero I'm not very particular with this one kasi I'm not fond of period films. Pero wish ko pa rin mapanood kasama si hubby!