Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Sad Friday For My Kid

We've been at the rink almost everyday for the past 2-3 weeks. Getting ready for the qualifying exam so my kid will be able to join the Grand Pix Competition next month. Yesterday, February 8 was his schedule for that. To make the story short, my kiddo wasn't able to pass the test. His combination jumps didn't make it and weren't done properly (sablay baga!). I'm kind of sad too for him.... but that's that! There's always a next time. At least now, it's a lesson for my kid that he has to take seriously whatever his coach tells him. Always practice and not play at the rink.

That's not the sad part, failing the exam. The sad part is he doesn't like to skate anymore, even go to the rink. Maybe, he needs time to accept and process what happened. I'll just let him be.... hopefully everything will go back to normal. As of now, he just likes to play with his PSP.

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Pinay WAHM said...


I can only imagine how you must have felt. Nalulungkot ako just thinking about it. But like you said, there's always a next time.

He probably just needs to process it so the time off will do him good. Hopefully he'll get over it and work harder and be a bit more serious about it in the future.

Kudos to you Mommy....your boy is lucky to have a Mom like you!

Take care.