Sunday, August 20, 2006

Red Ribbon Bakeshop & Starbucks Cafe

After a grueling week of Periodical Tests, I decided its time for a break! A Ballet Recital seemed to be a good idea to relax. But before going there, we had our lunch at Red Ribbon Bakeshop. A plate of green salad and chicken bits, salisbury steak with rice and my Little One’s fave, a slice of chocolate mousse cake. And also, a cheesedog sandwich, from a nearby fast-food resto.

Snack Time at Starbucks!!!!

After watching the Ballet Recital for two hours, We were hungry again! It was a good show. We had our merienda. A Belgian waffle topped with lots of whipped cream and choco syrup. And of course, our favorite Choco Frapuccino!!! (“,)

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