Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nutrition Week in School

For the celebration of Nutrition Week, which was held last July 24 to 28. My Little One had a project in school with the theme: "KUMAIN NG RIGHT PARA BATA MAGING BRIGHT". It's a hat of nutritious food and should use indigenous materials. My knack for something different than the usual got into me…. Yup, its my idea that the chicken sit right up on top of the hat, hehehe! Unique, right? It really caught the attention of his teachers and classmates! Well, it got the first place!

It took us 4 days to finish the hat with the help of Tito Jonathan, who shaped the chicken, fruits and vegetables, using only old newspapers. The bread around the hat that looks like floating slices of bread is really the real thing. I got the idea from my son’s fave art show. They used the bread as a canvas so you can draw stuff on it. My Little One also helped (dapat lang project nya to eh!) he’s the one who glued the crumpled tissue that looks like green leafy veggies. Actually, it’s his idea also.….. fyi, all the food on his hat are his favorites (“,)

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