Saturday, January 12, 2008

DLA Palaro 2008

My Little One's School Intramurals for his grade level. It was a 3-day event, from January 9-11. For the first day, my kid was chosen once again to participate for the school intermission dance. On the second day, they won the games but sadly on the third day they lost. The grade 2 pupils (afternoon class), won by 3 points. The score was, Lugia Team 55 points while my kid's team, Vaporeon had only 52 points. He cried because he wanted the trophy badly for his team. But also, accepted the fact that they lost and he is looking forward to next year's Intramurals. Well, I can't blamed him. Out of the 6 games played, he was favorably picked by his teachers to play the 5 games. As you may know, my kid is very energetic though he lacks the height. He has a built in speed, balance and stamina to do the obstacles required for every game. And you can obviously see in the pictures, he exerted all his best efforts to win. Their team was always cheering for him, even the mommies of his classmates were shouting my kid's name. He was always first on the line, always first to participate in every game he joined. Though, they lost and never got the trophy. My kid won new friends. Also, the experience and memories he would cherish (",)

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