Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pao Express

I wasn't able to update my blog for over a week now. Too busy with my kiddo's skating lessons, make up tests in school, part-time chocolate business and doctor's appointments! whew! (",)

Yesterday, after school, we went to SM-Southmall for my Little One's ice skating lessons. It took only an hour but for my son it was grueling!!! The competition is getting near ... he needed the extra push! Before going home, we bought pasalubong for Lola. I decided to try "Pao Express" and their assorted mini-siopao (bola-bola, asado, monggo and ube). For me and my mother, the taste... hmmm......was okay nothing to rave about! Still, nothing beats Ma Mun Luk's special siopao!!! But my kiddo loved it! He preferred the asado flavor.

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