Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yen's QOTW #26

1. How is the weather like outside?
Gloomy & wet.

2. If you’re given an hour to raid a closet of a blogger friend who would you choose? And what would you get?
It would be you, Yen... LOL! A LV bag :) hehe!

3. Do any of you know why we sneeze? Where did “God Bless You” originate?
A little, its a way of expelling foreign substance in the air passage or nose. That one, the God bless you part... no idea whatsoever!

4. Which is worse? Finding a bug in your sandwich or a very curly hair in your soup?
Curly hair in my soup... gross!

5. What is the color in your room you are in right now?
pink & lavender

6. If I asked every person that you’ve kissed, they’d say that your kisses are tentative, wild, intense, or sweet?
Intense but sweet.

7. Which do you prefer, Not eat for lunch or not eat for supper? Why?
Not eat supper. To have a long peaceful sleep.

8. It’s August already, which month so far was the best month ever? Why?
April. When we had our summer vacation at Puerto Galera.

9. If you could write a book that was guaranteed to be published, what would it be about?
Food, of course!

10. If there was an extra hour in the day, what would you spend it doing?
Go to a spa and have a full body massage.


Familia Khuletz said...

I will raid Yen's closet, too! Hehehehe!

Mine's posted HERE.

C.A. aka "t'que" said...

thanks jen for droping by. oo nga, same tyo ng answer sa #2... hehehe!

Sunshine4Life said...

my choice is Yen's closet too! LOL!

nice Thursday!