Friday, November 24, 2006

"Ginisang Kalabasa at Sitaw na may Giniling" (Sauteed Squash and String Beans with Ground Pork)

After three days of eating in Mc Donald's-MOA (that's the only place my kiddo will eat rice & fried chicken, without me nagging!). I'd like to have a decent homemade meal... a combination of fried fish, veggies and pandan-flavored rice would really be great! (",)

Fyi, that three consecutive days were in SM-Mall of Asia. My Little One joined the ice skating competition, "SKATE MANILA 2006". I'll post his pictures very soon .....

You'll need:
3 tbsps of cooking oil
2 cloves of finely crushed garlic
1 medium of finely minced red onion
1 large of finely minced over ripe native tomato
¼ cup lean ground pork
2 tbsps fish sauce (patis)
1 slice-300 grams of squash, cored, peeled & cut into ¼” thick
6 long pcs of string beans, cut at 2” length
1-¼ cup water
¼ tsp white sugar

Here’s how:
In a pan, place over medium-high heat. Put oil. Sauté garlic until golden brown. Add onion & tomato, sauté until wilted. Put ground pork. Sauté until no longer pink. Add squash, stir-fry for a minute. Pour fish sauce, cook until very fragrant or until oil sizzles.

Add water. Cover. Bring to boil. Lower fire to medium, simmer until squash is half-cooked. Put string beans & sugar. Mix. Cover again. Cook until veggies are tender.

Serve with any fried fish and pandan-flavored rice.

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