Friday, April 06, 2007

Super Ferry 15

It had been a week of fun in Davao. It's time to head back home and do our everyday routine. My kiddo wanted to stay but we have plans and schedules that we needed to do and follow. This time we sailed back to Manila in Super Ferry 15. It was a three-day ride, with the route "Davao City - General Santos City - Cebu City - Manila". We left Davao City, April 12 at 11.45 pm. We arrived at South Harbor, Manila, April 5 at around 4.00 pm.

It was quite an enjoyable ride, my first time! We almost slept throughout the voyage. Eating all the time on our waking hours! hehehe! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of the food we ate on the ship (naalala ko lang kuhanan tapos na kaming kumain!)

Super Ferry's accomodations were okay. We got the stateroom. They have friendly staff though I must say their rooms needed some renovations (it smelled cockroachy to me!)... plus the airconditioning needed to be repaired, it wasn't able to make the room colder (malamig pa sa hallway!). They should also fix the receiver of the cable tv too! (puro chanel 2 ABS-CBN lang ang napanuod namin!) which by the way I hate watching because all the time it's telenovela! (wala ka man lang matutunan puro drama!).

And one more thing, about the food... I know it's a hassle to fall in line to wait for your food but it's worth it cause the food there is much more delicious than the one's being served inthe restaurant. My hubby and I having the accomodation for the stateroom and my friend, Tin, she got the cabin accomodation. Our food is served in a dine-in restaurant of the ship. While my son having the tourist accomodation, which by the way, we payed half of it only because he's under 12 yrs old, needed to fall in line for his food. What I did everytime it's meal time. First, I fall in line for my son and got his food, bring it upstairs and dine with us in the restaurant.

Super Ferry 15 sailing....

Super Ferry 15 Directory.

at the view deck.

The port of General Santos City.

approaching Cebu City...

In the background you can see SM- Cebu.

Room 301 (Stateroom)

Sunset at Cebu Port.

My hubby and I, playing with the camera (",)

sight-seeing while sailing ...

Addams Family (nognog na kami!)

We're almost home.... approaching South Harbor, Manila.

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