Saturday, June 02, 2007

Luigi's Bath Time

This was not the first time Luigi had his bath time with my hubby. The first time around, I wasn't at home to take pictures then. Our pup was quite cool about the whole thing. He didn't even cried though a little scared, in my opinion. A very brave puppy! (",)

After that, we went to my kiddo's school to check his class section and the price of his school uniform. Luigi had a great time walking around the school (ang yabang feeling pogi paano lahat ng makakita sa kanya binabati siyang, "ang cute naman ng dog nyo!"). Then, we went to his vet for his first vaccine shot. It went well also without any hassles from Luigi whatsoever! Good little doggie! (",)

bath time is over!

sun bathing after bath time.

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